Straight edge = Deliberate Asshole

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Met a “Straight-Edge” cat tonight. At a bar. Lovely chap.

Most people that are assholes, don’t know it. Dickheads on the other hand, know it. There is intent. You’re not accidentally a dick, but you can accidentally be an asshole.

Straight Edge guys (and Vegan chicks) on the other hand are deliberate assholes. Mainly, because they never shut the fuck up about it. You’re straight edge? Who gives a shit, stay the fuck out of the bar then. You don’t eat animals? Fantastic, get the fuck out of my way at the steakhouse.  Why do these people need to go where they aren’t wanted; don’t belong, then proceed to bitch about it? I just don’t get it. I don’t believe in god, but I’m not going to go to a church to tell people about how much I don’t believe……. in the very fucking reason they are gathered there. The fuck sense does that make? Only to be a completely deliberate asshole, or a Jehovah’s witness.


It’s not hard to be vegan or straight-edge. At all. In this day and age. Not even for a fucking second. So get the fuck off your high horse. Half the damn third world accomplishes both on a daily basis and doesn’t even need a tattoo to prove it.

You know what’s hard? An addict being straight-edge. That is a fucking accomplishment. Someone addicted to it and choosing not to indulge is a real tough guy. Someone who never tasted alcohol or got high abstaining from it is just retarded. Same goes for the vegan. Remember back in the 1300’s all the hardcore Vegans, they had some grit. ….oh wait, they all fucking starved to death because there wasn’t a million other fucking things for them to eat like there is now.


Good bye

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Sometimes, the things left unsaid are better remembered. The answer to the question you didn’t ask, is yes; with all my heart. Our imaginations will never equal the reality.

Life is full of muck.

What could have been will be sweeter than anything that would’ve been. I promise you. We aren’t what we imagine nor what we seem and so it’s better this way. We have something that’s never been touched and therefore is perfect and pristine, if only in our minds.

Take from it what you will and use it for what it’s worth. Then leave it be. Never to be thought of again. Go on and live, recreate it as best you can, but know it will never be as good as you imagined.

You’re Not Creative

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Your parents lied to you. No amount of cutesy-ass apps like Instagram or Backspace is going to change that fact. So if you’re thinking of downloading backspace, go fuck yourself.

Mass Murders & psychiatric medications

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I’ve asked this before. It’s unfortunate that the only place I’ve seen it also asked is a slanted news website. But at least they are asking and have complied a list that supports a previous post I had about how the mental state of the shooter is far more important than what type of weapon or magazine capacity was used.

Call of Duty Black Ops II Is fucking horse shit

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So here we are again Treyarch. Another installment of the worlds worst FPS that breaks sales records. Why? I think I know.

Most people who think they are good FPS players because of their performance in any COD game would get their asses handed to them in a REAL FPS game. The hit detection in the COD games is a God Damn joke. A three year old can win a match because you only have to be within five feet of your target to score a hit. That is completely unacceptable.  This issue is compounded when you consider the absolutely pathetic connections on multi-player games. The Lag is unmatched in internet history. All you have to do is watch the replay to see how outstandingly inaccurate and out of sync the connections are.

How is it that I can unload a full clip into an enemy and after I’m done, get killed with one shot? Oh, because when you watch the replay, he actually saw me on his screen before I saw him on mine. He shot me first but on my screen I shot him first? So tell me Treyarch, how the fuck is this still happening after years of development? How has this not been fixed? Why did this never happen in the 56.6k days of Duke Nukem? or Quake, or unreal tournament, etc……etc….etc…..

You don’t even have to be the host to experience the above situations. But when you are the host…………..forget it. Don’t even bother playing this game. I know people are going to bitch and say the host issue isn’t a problem, well, that’s because they are never the host. The US has very few households on DSL, Fios, or cable connections. Despite what the commercials tell you. This means the majority of the people playing have shit connections and as such are never selected to be the host. Those that do have high speed typically have the slowest speed which varies when in the case of cable for example, so even they are not the host as often. No, those of us with high speed tier connections or upgraded Fios connections are the ones left holding bag 70% of the time. Which means we are playing with an unfair handicap 7 out of 10 games. FUCK. THAT.

Get your shit together and clean up this horse shit.

gun ban

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It doesn’t matter if every gun in the entire world disappeared over night. We as a society would not be the least bit safer at all. As long as mentally disturbed people are allowed to roam free we will all be in danger. They kill by any means possible. Pushing people off subway platforms, building bombs, poisoning….the list goes on and on. A deranged individual is going to cause harm, with or without a gun. Why are we not going after the mental health issues in this country with the same vengeance that we are going after guns? Why are we so hell bent on disarming the public?

Forget about the guns for the love of god, it is not nor was it ever the issue or reason tragedies happen. All this anti gun press only makes me (someone who has never owned or shot a gun) want to buy one. Oh and not just one. I’m seriously considering buying more than one. This country is getting worse by the year. And there is nowhere else to go.

This country was founded to get away from the assholes in England forcing their will on the people. Now where do we go? There is nowhere left on this planet.  Do you know what that means? It means people are starting to feel cornered. Do you know what happens when people can’t flee? They fight. The last thing this country needs is to piss off the people WHO HAVE GUNS. What the fuck sense does that make.


Sandyhook Tragedy

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I’m a parent of two small kids. I’ve never, in their short time on this earth, hugged them as hard and as long as I did tonight. A very, very terrible act of evil was committed today in Sandyhook, CT. I can’t even imagine what the parents of those children must be going though and to have it happen at this time of year is just heartbreaking.

That being said.

I don’t own a gun. I’ve never shot a gun. I will never own a gun.

Today’s tragedy was not committed by a gun, it was committed using a gun by an evil human being. There is a difference. Please do not use this tragedy to further some political agenda about gun control, the constitution, legislation, Democratic or Republican ideology. Just for once. Shut the Fuck up. Just shut up. Keep your mouth closed. And mourn.

This could not have been prevented by any law.

This individual was dead set on killing as many innocent people as he could in the one place where they should have been safest. He has taken something away from us that no amount of laws or revenge will ever fix, or prevent from happening again. Even if guns never existed, this still would have happened, only the means by which is was carried out would’ve changed.

There are no answers when things like this occur. There is no reason things like this happen. Life is cruel, unfair, and fragile. We are not at the mercy of God, rather we are at the mercy of nature. Our own human nature as well as that which surrounds us. Leave your prayers at home. They will not help you or them. Hug your children, cry. It’s okay to feel thankful it wasn’t you or your family.  It will do more then any god ever could.

But please don’t use this as a marketing vehicle for some agenda. Let it be what it is and mourn for what has happened and leave it at that.


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