Sandyhook Tragedy

I’m a parent of two small kids. I’ve never, in their short time on this earth, hugged them as hard and as long as I did tonight. A very, very terrible act of evil was committed today in Sandyhook, CT. I can’t even imagine what the parents of those children must be going though and to have it happen at this time of year is just heartbreaking.

That being said.

I don’t own a gun. I’ve never shot a gun. I will never own a gun.

Today’s tragedy was not committed by a gun, it was committed using a gun by an evil human being. There is a difference. Please do not use this tragedy to further some political agenda about gun control, the constitution, legislation, Democratic or Republican ideology. Just for once. Shut the Fuck up. Just shut up. Keep your mouth closed. And mourn.

This could not have been prevented by any law.

This individual was dead set on killing as many innocent people as he could in the one place where they should have been safest. He has taken something away from us that no amount of laws or revenge will ever fix, or prevent from happening again. Even if guns never existed, this still would have happened, only the means by which is was carried out would’ve changed.

There are no answers when things like this occur. There is no reason things like this happen. Life is cruel, unfair, and fragile. We are not at the mercy of God, rather we are at the mercy of nature. Our own human nature as well as that which surrounds us. Leave your prayers at home. They will not help you or them. Hug your children, cry. It’s okay to feel thankful it wasn’t you or your family.  It will do more then any god ever could.

But please don’t use this as a marketing vehicle for some agenda. Let it be what it is and mourn for what has happened and leave it at that.


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